Reel Creation

and Editing

Every Actor needs footage online, and figuring out exactly what Casting Directors and Managers are looking for can be exhausting and confusing.

As with any marketing materials, it's important that you have acting clips and a reel that accurately represent you and your brand. That's why every reel we build is done custom - no standard templates - and we have a consultation with you first to make sure we understand you and the image you want to portray.
Reel Creation
From Scratch
Clip Edits

We'll help you build a great Performance Clip or Demo Reel from scratch. We can write and design scenes around the qualities you need to showcase, and make sure Agents and Casting Directors see your unique castability in quality footage. Each scene will be shot and edited to share as individual clips, and can then be edited into a full reel. After completion we'll get it to you for notes, and then make any changes  necessary based on those notes.

You have footage but you need someone to put it together - someone who will make sure edits are quick and clean, that the order of clips properly markets your talents, audio levels are balanced, and image quality is consistent. We'll take your scenes, add any necessary sound and title card elements and get it back to you for notes, before giving it a second pass to make sure you've got the best product possible. We can also clip out your scenes for sharing on Actors Access and your own site.

You have a reel or performance footage, but it needs some help. It's too long, you have some footage you want removed, or something new to add, or maybe the order just isn't serving you.  We can make any additions and subtractions you need quickly and easily, send you the first cut, take your notes make a second pass to make sure it's just right. This service also includes taking longer footage and clipping it into a single performance clip for Actors Access or a similar site.

Scenes start at $400

Reels start at $130

Clip Edits start at $40

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