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Everyone has a story,
we help yours connect

At Bespoke Films, We use video to help people connect with the world around them. Whether that be friends and family, social media followers or valued customers. Our clients are passionate, forward-thinking, inclusive, and dedicated to making an impact on the world. We view our clients as partners, sharing the work of understanding your objectives, developing your strategy, and presenting your story.

Kevin Guzewich
Founder | Cinematographer

Meet Kevin

With nearly 20 years of experience in the film and entertainment industry in New York, and around the country, Kevin has worked on everything from feature films to commercials, social media campaigns, news, streaming, theater, content marketing and more. His passion for storytelling, combined with his drive for creative and visually impactful narratives has driven him to found multiple media brands focusing on helping people feel more connected in an ever-isolating world.

Let us help you tell your story

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