Music videos

Our music videos are all in-studio recording. Multiple takes are edited into a single video, giving you a more polished and complete look. Use these for self-promotion on social media and on your website. These are best done with a pre-recorded accompaniment (which we can provide) to ensure takes can be edited together. 

Live events 

Let us be your event videographer! We film concerts and public performances, offering a 2 camera set up, plus optional stills shot on a Nikon DSLR. Contact us to discuss rates for your specific project.

Musical theater reel

Shot against a white backdrop, these are your classic self-submission look. Booked by the hour, we shoot as many songs, and as many takes, as you can fit in that time, sung with a live accompanist (or with taped accompaniment when you prefer). Use these for Backstage, Youtube and Actors Access submissions. We will choose your best take and do a sound and color correction before sharing the HD file with you.