Offering video solutions to your needs in a shifting marketplace
We offer state-of-the-art production services to showcase you and your company at its best. And we do it within your budget.
March 2020 Coronavirus update:
Due to restrictions placed on companies surrounding the COVID-19 / Coronavirus epidemic we are working closely with our partners to help prevent disruption to your daily business.
Talk to us about internal video addresses, live-streaming and online / video training as well as outreach to customers and clients. Our goal is to keep you up and running as smoothly as possible.
Content Marketing
Showcase your brand with video content people will actually want to watch and share. We have proven success in generating likes and views in social media and streaming campaigns.
We can work with you to develop a vision, or execute an idea you've already developed. Either way, we make sure the quality speaks for itself.
Training and Interviews
Whether brand new to the camera, or an on-screen veteran, we will get you comfortable in no time. 
We've worked with everyone from celebrities to newcomers, and will ensure that your presentation is clean and engaging. Your content can be streamed live, or edited into clean marketable clips, with titles transitions and motion graphics.
We cover your conferences and panels - from giant Expos, to B2B forums, or intimate parties and dinners, we have the experience to guarantee we get every shot, without distracting from the main attraction.
We create event sizzles and highlight reels to celebrate your successes internally, or to share with your followers and customer base.
Corporate Hero Videos
Introduce your company to your customer base
Overhead Videos
BuzzFeed 'Tasty' style social media recipe videos
Interview Video Journalism - restaurant and corporate videography
Lifestyle and Tourism
A theme restaurant in downtown Manhattan
Real Estate
A tour of a home on 'Mansion Row'
A guide to a new-construction project
Branded Interview-style video with B-roll
A beauty brand spot collaboration with Half Full
Style hair and beauty trends - interview branding and marketing videography
Lifestyle and Beauty
A featurette on a new beauty trend
Social Media Marketing
A teaser for a poolside bar at an exclusive hotel
Interview Video Journalism corproate and events video and videography
Interviews and Video Journalism
A brand intro featurette on a young entrepreneur 

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