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You're a person who thinks ahead. You know that having a film that beautifully captures your day - the laughter, your loved ones faces and voices, the way your are together - is something you'll value long after the flowers have wilted, the music has faded, and your family has grown and changed. That's why I put so much care into making sure you have those memories to look back on when you're older (I mean, I'm not going to get older, but maybe you're planning on it?). I want to make you a story-driven film that highlights your love in an organic and honest way; to help tell your story in a film that you can cherish now, and for years to come. I also want to do it in a way that doesn't interrupt or interfere with your ability to experience and enjoy your day to the fullest potential! (like please, don't stick your camera directly in my beautiful face, my face needs space!) Check out some of the gallery below, browse my blog, or reach out if you have questions or want to speak further!

Destination weddings worldwide, or at home in New York City, I get to know you, so we can tell your unique story.

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Bride and Groom hold hands in New York City
Edison Bulbs and stylish Wedding Decor
Glen Cove Island, New York
Bride an Groom make an escape in a NYC Taxi