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Shelby & Alex

Shelby and Alex, like so many 2020 couples, had to postpone their big party till 2021, but they wanted to tie the knot regardless, so they celebrated with close friends and relatives in the family backyard in an intimate and personal ceremony. Oh, bonus points - I ripped my pants getting one of the shots. Good thing I had backups!

"Thank you so so much for our video! We absolutely love it as you will see in the video! " 

Venue: A Family Home

Monica & Alvaro

Monica and Alvaro wanted a touch of adventure for their wedding. Rather than stay at home in Texas, they journeyed to New York City for a destination celebration. They planned a weekend that beautifully blended tradition and custom with spontaneity. They were incredibly tender with each other; shy at first, they both opened up to share their warm hearts and loving spirits with me over time.

"The video was incredible! We just watched it several times together :) Thank you again!!" 

Venue: The Harvard Club of NY

Brad & Kate

Brad and Kate live near our nation's capital, but for them, family comes first, so they returned to Kate's hometown for the wedding. With a toast from Brad's grandmother, a speech by Kate's father, and Brad's father as his best man, it was a truly heartfelt and family-oriented celebration.

"Wow!! I couldn’t sleep before our honeymoon tomorrow and rolled over in bed to check my phone and now I am so excited that I don’t think I can go back to sleep!! This is absolutely amazing! " 

Venue: Seawanhaka Corinthian Yacht Club

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