Narrative and Documentary Film and Scene Production

We bring stories to life

Whether your looking for new marketing materials as an actor, you have script ready to bring to life, or you've found a real life story that needs to be told, we have the production skills and equipment ready to make your vision a reality. Everything we shoot is custom - from the script to the camera nothing is by default, everything is chosen to serve the story.


Just as with our custom scene creation, reel cutting is both a science and an art. We consider you and your brand when we re-cut your existing scenes if necessary, add custom titles, music and image adjustments.

Why We're Here

Actors need footage. The days of a headshot and resume sufficing are long gone. We've seen so many actors struggle to get in the room because they don't have any footage, or even worse, spend lots of money for someone to create a reel that just doesn't showcase them well. Creating and sharing video that not only allows you to showcase your talent, but also properly positions you to be called in for the roles right for you is crucial.

What We Do

Bespoke Films is dedicated to helping Actors create and hone the marketing materials that will best represent them in the marketplace today. We specialize in Clip and Reel creation and editing as well as coaching and preparing actors for auditions and bookings, all with a mind on customization and individuality.

Things to keep in mind when making footage (we do)

TYPE/BRAND IS KEY - footage from a short film is great, and a co-star on TV or a supporting role in a feature even better, but if it doesn't show an Agent or Casting Director who you are, and what you can do, it's not very useful as a marketing tool.

QUALITY IS IMPORTANT - If you want people to stay engaged in your material it has to look and sound good. Bad audio or overexposed footage can detract from your scene, and make you look less professional.

IT MUST MOVE QUICKLY - Most CDs will watch no more than 30 seconds on the average clip or reel before moving on. You need to show your best stuff, and you need to show it from the very beginning. People forget that CDs aren't there to watch a whole piece, they just need to see the very best moments you have to offer. Don't waste time on montages or glamour shots, get to the good stuff.

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