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How I tell /YOUR/ story.

And why I do it, the way I do it.

Two hands, each with their wedding rings on
These hands are married now.

First of all, congratulations on your engagement! Or at least, I presume you're engaged.

Or perhaps you're planning to be soon? ;) Maybe you're just here for my charming disposition. If so, thank you and you're welcome.

If you decide to go with me for your film, I will be honored to get to tell your story. This will begin with us speaking in depth, so that we know you're comfortable with me spending so much time with you on such an important day. Getting to know you a bit informs my ability to create a film that accurately reflects your and your fiancee's personalities and tastes.

This is your event, and it's important we showcase you, and not give you a cookie-cutter film that could have come from any other wedding. I need to get to know you, because I can't tell your story accurately if I don't. This is what makes me different than the video mill down the road. I'm going to know and care about you, not the couple I'm trying to book for next month or next year (I'll care about them too, but not while I'm at your wedding. I don't take on 40 or 140 weddings year, I keep it small and manageable.)

The first step here is remembering that, while your wedding day is definitely monumental, it is not the beginning of the story. It's 2020, and no one planning to hire me to make their film is meeting their partner for the first time at the altar, so why pretend the story starts here?

Let's start at the very beginning

(A very good place to start)

Before you cut the cake, toast with your groomsmen, or anyone even gets down on one knee (for those going the traditional route), your relationship has been a living, growing thing.

I want to know all the details, like who asked who out, and who always gets stuck doing the dishes. I want to know, because it informs me who you are, and where you're coming from. When we feel like old friends on your wedding day, that's because we've spent time getting to know each other, and it pays off in an ease and comfort in your film, without awkwardness or artifice.

Plus, I am /going/ to be making wise-cracks throughout the day, because, well, I can be a cheeky bitch (like, the fun kind. It's always said with a smile and usually it's said about myself), and we need to know you're going to love and appreciate a little light-hearted snark. (Yes, those are all me).

You said you'd tell me why!

Yes I did. And I will. After this still frame of a happy couple!

A bride and groom wave from a dock.
They're waving to their guests. This is what fun looks like!

My goal at Bespoke Films is to offer personal, emotional and story-driven wedding films. I come from the documentary world, I like telling things how they are. I love to capture the details that make you and your relationship unique and showcase it in a way that reflects your personality, without getting in the way or over-directing you throughout your wedding day. I prefer a more hands-off approach and only step in to give guidance when I think it will help make you more comfortable (sometimes couples need this a lot, but I find most people are more natural when they feel like they *aren't* being filmed, rather than when someone gives them lots of direction). As much as possible I like to document the reality and joy of the day, rather than force-producing 'beauty shots' and dramatic over-choreographed commercials. If we've spent time getting to know each other in advance, then I will know exactly how hands on I need to be, and will know exactly what to film and when, without having to constantly check in with you!

Congratulations again and I look forward to speaking with you further!


About me: I've lived in NYC since I graduated High School (with the exception of a brief stint in Berlin), and love travel (specifically internationally, but there are some great places in the US to visit too! Check out some of my travel and food photos on instagram) and movies. I'm a huge fan of Schitt's Creek, Olivia Coleman (if you don't know her she's basically the most naturally funny person on the planet) and I try to drink tea more than coffee, but my coffee is [almost] always black when I take it (sometimes I like a hint of coconut milk). I'm a millennial, but I'm terrible at social media.

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