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OK, But what do you COST???

AKA What do I need to do to invest to make this happen?

A bride with her arms around her groom after their wedding
I want to be as happy as these two!

Before I get to specifics (and I promise I will!) let me explain briefly why I quote each wedding individually.

You're not a cookie-cutter human, and neither is any film I want to make.

In order to serve you best - which includes giving you all the coverage and video files you want, and none that you don't - I can't just sell you on what 'most couples' want. Big companies offer, on average, about 3 levels of packages and tell you 'most couples' want X or 'most couples' really don't do Y. Well, you're not 'most couples', you're you.


Things I need to consider:

-How many hours of coverage do you want. Does this all happen in one day?

I love when couples ask me to film an adventure hike, cover a bachelor excursion, love-story film in advance of the wedding, or the welcome dinner. I love covering long days full of prep, celebration and after-parties. But there are too many variables there to make a one-size-fits all package.

-What do you want to receive?

Lots of couples just want a compelling highlight film. On short days and elopements, these tend to be a few minutes long, for couples who've invited me to partake in multiple days worth of activities this could stretch to over 10 minutes. Lots of other couples will also want real-time documentary footage of their ceremony and vows, the speeches, the first dances, the parent dances, the chair dances or money tossing or whatever other cultural traditions they're observing. Some people also want a 1 minute teaser clip to share on social media, either because they want that instant gratification, or because they prefer to keep the more personal elements just that, personal.

-When is your wedding?

Before I cause confusion, let me just say I don't tack on premiums for popular dates. That being said, if you're booking me less than 6 months in advance, or on a Tuesday afternoon in February, I may be able to work with you to fit your budget. I can't make any promises, but I love to accommodate when I can!

-Where is your wedding?

If you're nearby me, great! That means I don't have to travel far. But it also might mean I have to consider transportation time and issues (getting 3-5 cameras, plus professional lighting and audio equipment around the city can be tricky and time consuming, and may involve significant costs if we are hitting 2, 3 or sometimes even 4 locations). And if you're getting married in The Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, or on the beach on Kauai or in Iceland, then I have to consider those travel costs too. I don't want to build costs into a package that you won't need.

-What TYPES of coverage do you need?

Before Would you like me to bring along a second or third videographer to make sure we get all those shots, especially if you have a particularly large wedding? Do you need drone coverage of multiple events throughout the day? Timelapses of the setup or celebration? The more elaborate your film, the more people I need to bring with me (and pay!).

OK, But what do you COST???

Oh, right. Sorry. SO: In general, couples are investing between $3K and $5K with me. That depends on all the factors listed above, and those numbers are not set in stone. I can accommodate small, elopement and city-hall style weddings, and last minute, off-day weddings with smaller budgets, but for your typical one to one-and-a-half day celebration, that's where the number typically falls.

Contact me to get a quote custom-fit to your celebration, and let us being to develop your film (see what I did there?) today!

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